I have only been to France once.  I visited Paris 20 years ago and haven’t had the opportunity to return!  Even though my visit was brief it began a long-standing crush on all things French and peaked my interest in Country French interiors.  Up until then I was headed towards the English Country style.  {Our home is a combination of French and British influences, two of my favorite places to visit}

Image via Sandra Malters

I believe I got a sense of what a visit to the French countryside would be like after reading Peter Mayle’s first two books on the subject, “A Year in Provence” and “Encore Provence”.  Note:  When I visited Amazon to borrow their image of the book jacket I realized Peter Mayle has a few more books about life in the south of France that I may want read.

I’ve oohed and ahhhed over Charles Faudree, Betty Lou Phillips and Linda Dannenberg images (to name but a few of the experts on the subject with books that will inspire you).  Still, I believe I’ve come to the conclusion that the French style is less a “look” but more a “feeling” one senses when you see it.  You just know it when you walk into a room that feels Country French.

There are plenty of talented souls in blog land that nail the look; Jermaine at French Kissed provides images of rooms she has styled that speak the language, and Cote de Texas often features rooms you’d swear were on location in a country house in the south of France.

A recent post on French Kissed---love the candlesticks.

I love the French screen and settee.

Cote de Texas recently posted this picture from Cabbages and Roses new book; I love the subtle gray tones in the room.

I believe this room could go either way, the buffalo-check and transfer ware plates could be English or French.  Its an inviting style that makes me want to take a break and read for awhile.

Image via BHG

The stone fireplace looks very Country French, doesn't it?

I love the symmetry of this vignette.   The French chalk ware figure add interest, as well as the basket under the side board.

I love the Trumeau mirror above the fireplace, so classic.

The above image could be comfortable and inviting  in a variety of home styles, English, Italian, or French!  I do love the stone floors and pan rack.

Even a little French bistro chair can add just the right amount of Country French to any space!  What says French style to you?

Avoir une belle journée, profitez de votre maison [have a lovely day, enjoy your home]