Spring fever has temporarily stymied the creative juices in me but I did come across some very pretty centerpiece ideas over at Martha’s (Martha Stewart dot com).



Image (above) via Small Stump + Studio

Image (above) via Martha Stewart

Images (above and below) via Martha Stewart

The wonderful thing about this time of year is that you can find flowers for a song (well, maybe not a song but truly affordable) and with the help of some warm weather and a sunny day, you can set a festive table and serve almost any meal and you, family and/or guests will be happy.

It’s pretty universal; the advent of spring gives everyone’s spirits a boost.  I try to capitalize on that feeling and the energy rush it provides, and clean, plan, and entertain.

Where decorating is concerned there are some rooms that seem like the very definition of spring…like these rooms recently featured in House Beautiful.  Designed by Doug Davis of Tracery Interiors, this Alabama home speaks “spring”…in part because of the pink accents.  I am not usually a huge fan of pink in décor for the home, but the subtle splashes in this instance have me hooked.

Images below via House Beautiful

I think this is home feels light and airy (very spring-like), in spite of the hints of formal living.  It’s got to be the pink touches. To read more about this house, including the interview Mimi Read conducted with Paige Schnell and Doug Davis click HERE

What are your thoughts this spring?  Have you come down with a case of Spring Fever?