I was wandering around the web this morning in search of inspiration…no surprise, I get some of my best ideas from blog/web sites that share an image or a theory on design.  That often triggers an idea and gets my creative juices flowing.

Sea glass colored jars and starfish, a natural for summer.  I love the old wood shelf.

A few weeks ago I blogged {HERE} about designers that bring a “naturalist” flavor to their room designs.  Rose Tarlow and Tricia Foley are favorites of mine.

The net covered glass buoys are collectibles and so pretty on display with coral and pencil starfish.

So it was with some delight and surprise when I visited the Better Homes and Gardens Decorating site that arrives in my email box a few times a month and discovered their feature on the very topic of decorating with natural elements.  Coincidence?  No doubt.   Still, I found  images, courtesy of BHG, that might inspire you to use some of the abundant natural elements in and around your yard to create a wonderful summer mood for your home.

Natural items can be simple plant cuttings.  Think outside the box, sometimes seed pods and branches with little foliage make for an interesting and attractive display.


You don’t have to have a house on the beach to appreciate the beauty of natural sea grass (which has been framed here) and when coupled with a book open to a page on starfish, the vignette is complete and wonderful.


This is truly natural…a piece of a tree trunk for the vanity top and what would appear to be the remains of a vine growing on the wall of the bathroom.  Perfect for the lodge or cabin.  The vine remnants remind me of Rose Tarlow’s room in my previous blog.


I really like the simplicity of a single stem of greenery in an assortment of bottles…various shapes, colors and sizes make this a study in still life.  I’ve seen this used on tables set for dinner and it always looks so lovely and has a very calming effect.  I believe that is what appeals to me.

Placement of a couple of smooth river stones and a small vase of fern, how simple and still so artistic.  The little tray on the larger try appears to have a shell and maybe a baby pine cone.  It makes me wonder what the story behind these little finds might be.  A nature walk with someone, a discovery while on vacation.  It’s personal touches that make our homes interesting and enjoyable.


A grouping of pressed plant material can be impressive and in this neutral palate, the lime green colored plant stands out.

The stone fireplace, natural wood vase and branches and a sisal rug are a trinity of natural beauty.


I love the pendant lights, the Windsor chairs and the antique pitch fork on the wall…very country, very pretty.


This display made me think of a summer project with a child…collecting and placing items in interesting jars could be fun.


Put a birds nest on any table or hutch and instantly I think of spring/summer.


I’m thrilled to see the re-emergence of the antique cloche and various table top green house displays I’m seeing in so many of the design books and blogs.


Do you dress your home for spring and summer?  What items do you pull out for the season and then put away for fall/winter?