I am often drawn to what some would call masculine lines of design, cars are one example.  As a teenager I was into cars, I assume it was my generation and growing up in Southern California.  My high school parking lot was filled with cars such as the ’57 Chevy and Pontiac GTO.  Nothing as cool as the cars above!

Ralph Lauren Brookfield collection

In fashion the “preppy” trend captured my comfort zone and I’ve dressed in fairly tailored clothing ever since.  (Am I beginning to sound dull or overly masculine?)  I am definitely girly in lots of ways, but where design is concerned I truly love fairly tailored lines.  This hasn’t always been the case.  There was a time in the 80’s when cabbage rose chintz and even pink walls were the look, but after raising 2 sons and living with a guy’s guy husband, I’ve made the transition.

Pamela Pierce

After I was married I noticed that I leaned towards a more “gentleman’s club” style decor.  I like English country style and even though that style (at one time) included flowery chintz fabrics, it was the warm oak paneling and barley twist legs of a table that captured my attention.  On my first trip to England we frequented pubs and cafes that were the very epitome of what I would call a masculine-looking design style.

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via New Victorian Ruralist (Natasha Louise King)

A few years back I purchased an antique pair of antlers that, for me, add to the warm, English decor that I love.  I’ve noticed an increased use of antlers in beautifully designed rooms, and while I know and understand the reason some people find it disgusting to display dead animal parts of any kind (for the record, I couldn’t hunt a furry creature if my survival depended on it), I must say I think it’s a nice accent!

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Ralph Lauren seems to capture the ideal “masculine” look with his rooms and lifestyle accessories.  Maybe it’s a look that some would identify as an upper crust, blue-blood, tailored, thoroughbred, East coast vibe.  In any event, I’m in Southern California and I’m on board with the look.

Ralph Lauren Brookfield collection




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What are your go-to styles for life?  Is it a “man’s world” or are we just letting them think it is!