I’ve gone off the reservation lately with my overabundance of posts on the joy of being outdoors, communing with nature.  I’ve even covered gates, picnics, bird baths and exterior front doors!

I think it’s time I came indoors and shared some of the pretty rooms I’ve encountered in my perusing of the world wide blog land ♥♥♥

This entry is one of the prettiest I’ve seen in awhile.  The doggies only add to its beauty as far as I’m concerned.  I think the small doggie closest to the door is a Border Terrier (a cousin to my little terror terrier mix).

Providence Ltd.

Look at the detailing on the interior around the door, isn’t it beautiful.  I love a Dutch door for a front door (we’re lucky enough to have one).


The sconces, the antique mirror, books and decorative accessories, what’s not to love?  Old world finishes are a favorite and this image has great examples of that.

Kay O'Toole, Cote de TexasKay O’Toole ~ Cote de Texas

I really like this room, the wood paneling gives the room a comfortable “country” vibe, while the palladian-style windows over the french doors and the carved piece above the TV gives the room a history and elegance.  I’m not sure how I feel about a TV over the fireplace.  We’ll have to have an open panel discussion sometime.

Daniel Brisset

Daniel Brisset

Kitchens in general always get my attention,  but this one is striking with the charcoal walls and cream cabinetry.  I love the lamps on the island.


A bathroom fit for a princess.

Phoebe Howard

There’s always something fresh and inviting about a mostly white room…

Little Emma English Home

This is a study/office I could get comfortable in.

Ship and Anchor, tumblrShip and Anchor ~ tumblr

And the pretty room below belongs to Son #2 and his lovely fiance.  They have purchased their first home!

K & S Dining RoomI hope this has been entertaining for my dear readers who share my passion for wonderful decorating…I have been a little distracted with spring and the great outdoors but will return to focusing on inviting rooms.