My oldest son and his lovely bride, AND my one and only granddaughter are coming for a visit.  They’re hoping to escape some of the heat of Austin by coming to Southern California.  I hope our mild summer holds and that they can relax and enjoy the mild climate that we are usually lucky enough to receive.

Hubby and I have a long list of activities on the agenda but even if we only get to a few of them I’m certain we’ll have fun.

We’re thinking of taking Olivia to the petting zoo…

…and maybe the splash pad at the outdoor mall…

where there happens to be a carousel…

…and there will be lots of playtime at the park!

I’ll miss you and would like to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate your loyalty.  Every comment you leave is like a smile that warms my heart.  Continue to enjoy your summer and I’ll be back with an eye towards fall.  It’s always a season I look to with glee.  (Not the high school musical series). 🙂