Hi Friends!  I’ve been very energized by the onset of the new year.  I believe that may be pretty much universal, right?  Are you still enjoying the surge of excitement that accompanies the onset of a brand new 365 days? Days you can do with what you will.

Garden, Home and Party: 2014 report card

I use WordPress to host my blog site, and  for those who have read my posts for some time, you may remember that my eldest son set the site up for me.  We’ve tweaked it a few times but basically, I’ve been very happy with the simple way it functions for me (read: User often technology challenged).  Wordpress sends out a report card of sorts each year, or at least they have for the past 3 years.  The report gives you the stats for your site with details such as 1) Posting Patterns. I post only once a week most weeks and I usually send out that post on Wednesday, so no news there. 2) Attractions.  This is where they tell you your top 5 posts.  It turns out my best day this year, as far as views go, was my 500th post.  {Thanks for dropping by that day!}. 3) How did they (visitors) find you?  Pinterest was the single most referring site.  A mixed blessing.  Does anyone besides me marvel at the number of hours that can evaporate when visiting that online wonder?

I hope to continue to practice both my writing and photography.  Who am I kidding, my photography is awful.  But what we practice has to improve, right?  Onward and upward in 2015.  I’m really looking forward to the year, and to time spent with you, my friends.

If you’re interested, here are the posts that received the most views in 2014:

Garden Home and Party: year end report card

{Cozy and other adjectives that describe home}

Garden Home and Party 2014 report card

{Adieu Pierre Deux}

Garden, Home and Party: 2014 report card

{Cottage Living ~ Moody Cottages}

Garden, Home and Party: 2014 report card

{Front Yards – alternatives to lawn}

and last but not least…

Garden, Home and Party: 2014 report card

{Rooms that enjoy a Neutral Palate}

I’ll be back next week with some tips on organizing and weeding out.  I’ve mentioned here, more than once, I’m really simplifying my house.  I want only what I use and love around me.  I no longer need to hold on to random items…more on my perspective next week.